Part one of my experiment is over

Since last time I wrote about my Alma Nissen drinking cure here on the blog, I’ve stopped following it.

While I felt great during the first 2 weeks of the cure, I gradually began not feeling so good later on. A week ago – last Thursday – I got a sore throat, and Friday I got a headache that reached from my shoulders over my neck and skull to my eyes. I never ever have headaches, and though this was not a really bad one, it was unusual.

There had been a cold going around, and everybody I know had had it already, so I guessed that this was it, but then again – my head, neck, shoulders and throat kept on hurting. If what I was doing was so healthy, shouldn’t I get over this cold quite fast and easily?

I began eating raw garlic as prescribed by Alma Nissen, but very soon found that it wasn’t for me. I continued eating the potato soup though until Wednesday evening, when my eyes started hurting. That was it.

I was in the middle of preparing a new batch potato soup, when it hit me that I wasn’t able to do this anymore.

My oldest daughter Julie had just made a low carb bread, and she cut two slices for me and put brie and blueberry jam on top of it, and what can I say? After only eating potato soup for 3½ weeks the bread tasted absolutely divine, and 15 minutes after eating it my eyes stopped hurting and my headache disappeared.

Since then I’ve eaten food with a high content of fat, and I feel so much better now.  I still cough and my throat still hurts, but that too will pass.

What I’ve learned about the Alma Nissen cure by following it is that while it is good for your joints, blood pressure and stomach and gives you a clear mind when you follow the cure for a short while – let’s say 2 weeks – it is probably too restrictive to be healthy if you follow it longer than that, since the potato soup only contains limited amounts of vitamins and minerals and absolutely no fat at all.

If you want to follow the cure for longer than 2 weeks I suggest you at least take a good multi vitamin and add 1-2 tablespoons full of a good raw oil like coconut or olive to each of your meals.

If you don’t necessarily want a vegan or vegetarian diet, you could also cook your soup on marrow bones from grass fed beef. In that case the bones have to cook for many hours – say 4-5-6 hours – for them to release the good stuff into the soup. Only add the vegetables and potatoes for the last 30 minutes.

The Alma Nissen cure is cheap and easy to follow and good if you only want to follow it for a short time. If you want something you can follow for a longer time and you can spend a little more money on your food, I suggest you try juicing. It gives you large amounts of most of the vitamins you need and has been proven to help against health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and many more.

I myself continue on the so called Low Carb High Fat diet, which is a kind of paleo diet, where you get your calories from proteins and fats and only very little carbohydrates.

In Sweden, where this diet comes from, LCHF has been used for several years and is now the official recommended treatment for obesity and several diseases.




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