Three weeks into the drinking cure – one week left

This morning my scale showed 1½ kilos less, which means that within the last three weeks I’ve shed 6½ kilos in all. That’s not bad.

I also got rid of the pain in my neck, throat and sinuses. I hope it just was a false alarm, or maybe the viruses got scarred by the herbs and the garlic I started eating to get rid of them.

The herbs are in the form of capsules by the name urte-pensil that have been sold here in Denmark since 1976, and which contain herbs like ash leaves (Fraxinus excelsiour L), Echinacea (E. pallida (Nutt.) and E. purpurea L.), fenugreek seeds (Trigonella foenum graecum L), propolis extract, smooth rupturewort or  green carpet (Herniaria glabra L.) and the root of torment or septfoil (Potentilla erecta L).

The capsules are my secret weapon whenever I get a cold or have an infection. One has to take quite a lot of them – 5 capsules up till 4 times a day – but they really work.

If you want to try them just google urte-pensil, and you’ll find several offers. Order the capsules, not the pills or the powder, because the capsules are easy to take and you can take them whenever you want and don’t have to take them with a meal.

I started eating garlic as well – 10 cloves of garlic 3 times a day – to get rid of any inflammation I might have in my body. It has been a hurdle for me to actually do that, but now I started it’s okay.

It’s not possible to eat those 10 cloves all by themselves though, because raw garlic is hard on the mucous membrane of the mouth, so I cut an apple into wedges, dip those wedges in linseed and then alternately eat one garlic clove and one or two apple wedges.

Okay, eating this much raw garlic isn’t good for your social life unless you follow it up with good dental hygiene, which means you have to floss and brush your teeth and scrape your tongue.  I found a young lady on youtube, who gives a good explanation of how to scrape your tongue:

After you’ve done all that, instead of using a (toxic) breath freshener from a bottle or a spray, you can chew a capsule of cardamom or eat some fresh parsley, and no one will notice that you’re eating a lot of garlic.



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