Am I getting the flue?

There has been a kind of flue like cold going around here for a while. Everybody I know has had it except me, but then I barely ever get sick. Then last night I started having a sore throat, just a little bit, and in the morning I started feeling like I have a slight sinus problem. Not a big thing, but it’s there, and also my neck hurts a bit.

I don’t really know what to make of it. Didn’t expect to get sick now, while I’m eating as healthy as I do. I hope it will be gone in the morning. Maybe now is the right time to start eating al the garlic I’ve tried to avoid for the last three weeks.

Today my daughter Lise and I just relaxed and did something I usually never do, we watched television. There was a cooking program marathon with Jamie OIiver going on, and I just love that man, so I was barely able to turn off the TV.

Now I’m in the train on my way home.

It’s dark outside, and there is nothing much to see outside the windows, but if there was some light, right about now I would be able to see the bridge near the City Vejle crossing Vejlefjord. This is how it looks.


There is only one week left of my experiment with Alma Nissen’s drinking cure, and I am glad. While I appreciate the benefits of the drinking cure, I also love to eat real food, and only drinking potato soup for weeks on end is not the most exciting thing I’ve done.




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