Pictures of my new home

Today my diet is still on track, and since there are no interesting news to tell about it, I thought I would like to show you a few pictures of my new home and of a few of my new friends here.

WP_20141008_09_53_40_Pro  This young lady, who looks like a fox, is Maggie.

WP_20141008_10_01_49_Pro  And the handsome black young man in front of this picture is Maddox.

WP_20141008_09_59_24_Pro  These chickens are faverols, a large kind that is kept for their meat. Fully grown they weigh 3.5 till 4 kilos each.

WP_20141008_10_00_48_Pro This is a mixture of more faverol chickens and white hens. The hens were rescued from an egg battery last year, and they are never to be slaughtered. When they arrived here they looked terrible. They had no feathers, and they had crooked feet and were deeply traumatized and afraid. Now they’ve been here the whole summer. They go where ever they want to, leave their coop in the morning and return to it in the evening, and in between that they go and do what hens do, scrape in the ground, sun bathe, eat worms, and whenever they see any of us, they come running to find out if we have a treat for them. They also lay eggs. In the coop there are 10 nests for our 4 hens, but every day they go in there and stand in line to go and lay their eggs in the same nest, and every day we get 4 very tasty white eggs with beautiful orange yolks.

WP_20141008_10_00_43_Pro  This is a sussex chicken or hen. We don’t really know it yet.

WP_20141008_09_59_03_Pro  This is our fruit garden with lots of old apple, pear, plum and cherry trees. The chickens and hens love to go here, and because Maddox loves the chickens and hens, he goes here too, whenever we let him.

WP_20141008_10_02_47_Pro  This is our house seen from the yard. The door to the right is going to be my entrance door, and the two windows to the right from it are my kitchen and my depot room. The rest of my flat is under the roof. There are no windows to the yard, but to both gables and to the garden.

I’m still waiting for the people to come and fix the place, pull walls down, paint the rest of the walls and the ceilings, lay a new floor, things like that. I hope it’s going to happen soon.


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