Day 15 of the experiment

Today, in the morning of my 15th day on Alma Nissen’s drinking cure, I stepped on the scale and found that I’d lost another 2 kilos, so now I’m 5 kilos lighter all in all.

Before I started this experiment, I told you that my health was good and I still think that’s true, but apart from the weight loss even I can feel some improvements of my health by now.

For the last many years I’ve tried to avoid foods that contain flour, simply because it makes me gain weight, but in connection with moving to a new place I’d not been so careful about my food choices, and I’ve eaten white bread and even a few cakes and cookies. I also ate more sugary foods and even drank coke a few times, and all those empty carbohydrates made my heart beat faster and harder, so I felt my pulse in my body.

I also drank far too much coffee, even so it was organic and decaf, and it gave me this feeling of my heart jumping a beat several times a day. I know the doctors say that it’s totally harmless, but it’s an unpleasant feeling anyway.

I’d also started feeling some stiffness in my joints, like in my lower back after sitting down and in my left shoulder, because I often sit and write on my pc for many hours in a row.

What can I tell you? All those symptoms are gone now after only 2 weeks on the drinking cure even so I still haven’t started eating garlic as well.

I don’t feel any symptoms from my heart, I haven’t had heartburn since I started, my shoulder is fine, I can sit down for a long time and when I get up, my lower back is fine, I’m very clear headed and all in all I just feel great, so for a limited time I think this is a great diet for treating whatever health problems a person has.

It’s not getting easier for me to eat like this though, especially because I live in the same household with others, who eat something else than I. I’m really longing to eat some lamb or goat, fish, beef or chicken.

I also think that it’s absolutely necessary to take supplements while on this diet, especially vitamin B12 and as an absolute minimum a multi vitamin, but the thing I’m most concerned about is the fact that I don’t get any fat at all. I’m not convinced that it’s a good thing.  I think we are supposed to get a healthy dose of omega 3, omega 9 and even a little omega 6 to function properly.

But as I said, so far I feel really great and I will continue following Alma Nissen’s drinking cure for as long as I think it’s okay.



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