Feng Shui and the leftovers of my marriage

According to the teachings of Feng Shui one should only own the things one needs and only surround oneself with things one loves. Having a room in a depot somewhere is a no-no, because the things one would have there is considered being stuff one doesn’t really need anyway and ought to give away or sell.

I don’t really know that much about Feng Shui, but I do understand the necessity of downsizing. It’s just not that easy.

I’ve left everything I had several times in my life. Just walked out of a place with only the clothes I was wearing or with a suitcase with the most necessary things, but when I moved away from Amsterdam a few years ago, I packed everything there was in my flat into boxes, and drove all of it to a barn here in Denmark, where it was supposed to stay, until my husband followed and we found a flat to live in together.

He never came, and so the boxes stayed in the barn, and when I finally settled down on my own, I didn’t feel like getting all my boxes and unpack the leftovers of my marriage by myself, so I just bought everything I needed anew.

Yesterday I finally decided to put an end to this, and I went to get all of the about 60 boxes and brought  them here where I live now and put them in the barn next to my new boxes and furniture. I could have asked my housemates for help, but decided to do it myself, and it was really hard work.

Hopefully I will be able to move in to my new flat upstairs soon, and then I will take all my boxes up there, chose what I want to keep and give the rest to charity.

I don’t have any plans about moving again soon – I actually like living here – but my goal is that if I move away from here again one day, I will have no more than 50 boxes plus furniture.


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