From Alma Nissen’s guestbook – part 3 – Page 79

I had pain from gallstones, heart trouble and high blood pressure. Today the problems are solved. I’ve lost 8 kilos and was cleansed for a lot of gallstones of which 5 had the size of a hazelnut. P.N., Sundsvall, Sweden For 14 years I’ve suffered from ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterew’s disease), which is rigidity in the […]

From Alma Nissen’s guestbook – part 2 – Page 78

I spent 6 years eating 25,000 – twenty five thousand – pills for my arthritis. It took Alma Nissen and her cure 19 days to get rid of my arthritis. S.K., Stockholm, Sweden You are the most open person anyone can meet. It’s impossible not to get well in your vicinity. E.S., Stockholm, Sweden I […]

From Alma Nissen’s guestbook – part 1 – Page 77

Alma Nissen and Brandal Helsehjem is a heaven for thousands of people. The numerous seeds sown here will germinate and bear fruit. Alma, you have given med inspiration and strength to continue everyday life. I.S., Frederikstad, Norway   Thanks to Alma Nissen’s loving care and cure, my ankle, which has been stiff for 54 years, […]

The doctor was impressed – Page 76

Another one of the patients I’ve had contact with while working on the book about Alma Nissen is Torsten Atterbom from Särö. Torsten Atterbom wrote: I am 41 years old. Before I got asthma in January 1979 I was very sporty and fit. Amongst other things I’d several times been to the very demanding Nijmegen […]

My physician thinks it’s great – Page 75

One of Alma Nissens former patients, Helena Johansson from Sjuntorp in Sweden, writes about staying at Brandal and about the time after she returned home: (paraphrased): After a pregnancy and a subsequent flu I got arthritis that got worse and worse for each day. In the end my husband had to help me get dressed, […]