When is it enough?

If you’ve read my latest 6 posts on this blog, you’ll know that I see quite a grim future for us and the world if we don’t come to our senses soon and stop this madness. We’ve polluted the oceans, the land, the ground water, the air and ourselves. We’ve almost used all the fossil […]

The chemicals we take for our health

Today it’s unusual for a person my age (mid-fifties) not to be on a few medications, and often it goes as follows: maybe you’re having a routine check at your doctor, or maybe you feel a little sluggish one day and go to see him/her. You’re doctor finds something. Maybe your blood pressure is too […]

More about chemicals

Once you start thinking about all the chemicals in our surroundings it’s hard to stop again. Look for instance at the stuff we use to clean our houses. In reality we don’t know what all those cleaners are made of, and whether or not they are dangerous to our health, but a good rule of […]

Also the rest of the beauty industry has a lot to answer for

Together we spend billions every year to look different, younger, better. Unfortunately the biggest part of products from baby wipes and tooth paste over lotions and deodorants, shampoos and hair colors, foundation, mascara, lipstick and rouge and hundreds of other products till perfume, contain lots and lots of chemicals, heavy metals and even ridiculous ingredients […]

In defense of the sun

During the industrial revolution in England land in the big cities was expensive and therefore houses for the poor were built on small pieces of land along very narrow alleys, where the sun never reached the ground. As a result the children of the poor people barely ever saw sunlight, and many of them got […]

They’re all lying to us!

Continued from yesterday There are however lots of people who feel compelled to talk a lot about the little they know and to jump to conclusions and tell the rest of us how we should live and what we should eat. And on the internet it’s even worse. Over the years I’ve come across many […]

The back cover of the book: The mystery about arthritis is solved

The back cover of the book The doctor of the newspaper Dagen says about Alma Nissen’s cure: The times I’ve visited Alma Nissen, I’ve seen many cases where people get healthier every day. After reading ”The mystery of arthritis is solved”, the Danish critic and writer Lis Andersen writes: THIS HAS TO BECOME A POPULAR […]

Alma Nissen quotes – Page 81

We were created in the image of God to rule the earth and preserve it. We’ve ruled it in a very unwise way, and we’ve completely misunderstood what it means to maintain the land. The air, water and soil are poisoned. The fish hare lying dead on the beach. Our lakes are acidic. This madness […]

From Alma Nissen’s guestbook – part 4 – Page 80

The lectures you – dear Alma – gave at meal times opened my eyes. One soon notices that everything you say is said in great love and care for your fellow man. N.Z., Göteborg, Sweden Your care and love towards us has been the most important thing in our lives. E.C., Ocean City, USA It’s […]