Day 8 of the experiment

This morning, exactly 7 days after I started on Alma Nissen’s drinking cure, I stepped on the scale and found that I had lost 3 kilos. Without feeling hungry at any point, but instead feeling absolutely perfect.

Yesterday I didn’t write any blog post. Instead I listened to some interviews from the ‘Sexy Younger You Summit’ at, and it was well worth my time.

There was especially one interview that kind of blew me away. It was of Dr. Tom O’Brian, who is a specialist in what the consequences are of having gluten in our diet. According to Dr. Tom those consequences are many, and he talked amongst other things about:

  • How gluten impacts bone health and osteoporosis
  • Why everyone with osteoporosis must be checked for gluten sensitivity
  • Why only 1 in 8 people who have celiac disease actually have gut symptoms
  • That if you feel old, you should be checked for gluten sensitivity
  • The impact of gluten on fertility for both men and women
  • Why you’ll need to look at gluten if your hormones are out of balance
  • How gluten sensitivity can make you nutrient deficient

Maybe Dr. Tom O’Bryan is famous and you know him already, but I didn’t and for me, what he talked about was a revelation.

This is what I found especially interesting:

In Sweden all newborn babies are tested for a disease – I’ve forgotten what it was, but that doesn’t matter here – and it is in connection with this that a drop of blood is taken from them and put on a card, which is not destroyed, but collected.

The Swedish have done that for over 50 years, and recently some scientist have taken a closer look at those cards, checked them for markers of gluten sensitivity – which the babies got from their gluten sensitive mothers – and found out that those babies, who grew up and developed schizophrenia, all had those markers in their blood when they were born. Not all babies with markers of gluten sensitivity developed schizophrenia, but all schizophrenic babies had the markers.

The important part here is that newborn babies don’t develop markers themselves before some weeks after they are born, and that they got those markers from their mothers, who probably were not even aware that they were gluten sensitive.

And it doesn’t stop there. According to Dr. Tom O’Brian it is a fact that babies of mothers, who are gluten sensitive, weigh 250 gram less than average babies, but the really surprising thing here is that babies of gluten sensitive fathers also weigh 250 gram less than average babies. How is that even possible?

According to Dr. Tom gluten also plays a big role in seizures in kids, and he claims that taking kids of a diet with gluten can make the seizures go away.

The reason why I find this so interesting is that I had a few ‘aha’ moments during this interview. You see, my mother’s father worked in the office of a mill, and I know for a fact that my mother and her siblings were brought up on a diet containing dishes made from mostly wheat flour.

My mother had an older brother, who had seizures and fell in the river and drowned, when he was eight years old. And my mom, apart from all the other diseases she suffered from in the end, also had very severe osteoporosis.

Okay, none of this is proof of anything, and luckily nobody in my family ever developed schizophrenia, but I really think we need a lot more research of this kind. Why don’t we all know this?

With all the gluten sensitivity going on these days, what else don’t we know?


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