Day four of the experiment

What can I say? It’s easy.

Somehow it’s very liberating not to have to think about what I want to eat at my meals. I just get the potato soup. My blood sugar is fine, I haven’t felt hungry at any point, and I feel really great and clear in my mind.

So far I can’t see any reason why I shouldn’t keep on eating this way for the next 24 days.

After a long and warm summer it’s finally autumn. The weather is still nice and we have a lot of sunshine, but it’s colder now and the days where you could walk around in shorts and a top are definitely over.

In my old flat I could just turn up the radiators when I felt cold, but in the new house it’s a bit more complicated.  We have a central heating that’s heated with wood, and we have to light a fire in it ourselves, when we want warm water or want the house to be warm.

We don’t yet know if it’s able to keep the entire house warm during winter, but we’re working on getting to know it.

Back in the seventies when I was young, I had a flat with a coal oven in the living room and a combined coal oven and gas stove in my kitchen. That’s the only experience I’ve ever had with that kind of heating, and I didn’t really think that I would ever return to it, but it’s actually kind of fun.

The central heating is placed in one of the barns, and when I go to light the fire in the morning, I always have the dogs and one of the cats with me, and we entertain each other.

The largest of the dogs, Maddox, loves to go to the coop whenever he gets a chance, and he’s sniffing around in there if we let him. The smallest dog is more of a watch dog, and she makes sure that everybody – like Maddox, the cats, the hens and chickens – follows her rules.

They both like to play – Maggie with a ball and Maddox with a stick – and they can do it for hours on end, while the cat Torsten plays National Geographic and sneaks up on us as if he were a dangerous panther.


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