Day three of the experiment

Another very easy day with water and lime juice first thing in the morning and lots of potato soup during the day.

I’m not hungry at all and it doesn’t even bother me to sit together with my house mates while they are having dinner and eating cakes.

I moved from a third floor one bedroom apartment in town with a fantastic view at the roofs of the city to a large house in the countryside, to live with my oldest daughter, her boyfriend and a girlfriend four weeks ago. They are living on the ground floor and I’m supposed to live on the first floor, but the place has to be cleaned up and painted and restored after the previous tenant, and until that is done I occupy a small room on the ground floor.

Apart from us four humans there are also five animals living in this house: two dogs and three cats of various shapes, sizes, colors and ages. And in one of the barns that belong to the house we’ve started a coop with four white hens that were rescued from a battery last year, and six chicken of which five are going to make us a fine dinner one day and one very young hen, which hopefully is going to provide us with more chicken in the future. The four white hens are meant to live here until they die of a natural death one day, but for now they deliver 4 delicious eggs with dark orange yolks to our kitchen every day.

Most days I am the one letting all the hens and chicken out in the morning, and it is a great pleasure to me to see them run off into the garden to do what that kind of creatures do during the day, and where they can move around as it pleases them. In the evening they return to the coop by themselves and we close the door after them when the sun goes down, so the fox can’t take them.

After I let the hens and chicken out, I usually play with the dogs for about an hour before I go to my computer and start working, and so far that has been the only exercise I’ve got during the day, so I think I’ll start doing some workout to get in shape.

One thought on “Day three of the experiment

  1. Sounds like a packed house and a wonderful place to be filled with love. Know it’s sometimes tough to fit in a workout. Remember that your daily activities are also working different muscles, too. Maybe run with the dogs, lift with cans of soup, or take an extra walk after dinner!

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