Day two of the experiment

So far doing the Alma Nissen drinking cure has been unexpectedly easy.

It’s not a real fast, because I get the vegetables in the soup. Still I had expected a headache, nausea, dizziness and visual disturbances like I experienced with other fasts and diets like Fit for Life, but so far – nothing!

I haven’t yet eaten any garlic – maybe tomorrow – if my social calendar allows it.

Today in the morning I got some of the rest of my soup batch from yesterday, but I wasn’t really hungry.  I still think that 3 liters of the soup is a lot to swallow on one day.

I had an appointment with my dentist today. She lives in another city about an hour from where I live, and I’ve chosen her, because she has specialized in removing amalgam fillings in a way that pollutes the body as little as possible. Unfortunately I’ve had quite a few of those filings since childhood, and I’ve wanted to have them replaced with less hazardous fillings for quite a while now, but if your dentist isn’t specialized in doing it, they say that it’s actually better you keep your amalgam fillings.

My oldest daughter drove me all the way, and on our way home we went to pick up half a lamb we’d bought from an organic farmer last week. It was not the best timing since I’m on the drinking cure right now, but now the meat is in my freezer, waiting for me till I’m going to eat meat again in December.

When we came home I prepared a new, smaller batch of soup with some organic potatoes I picked up at the organic farmer as well, and it tasted so much better than the soup with red beets, so I’m going to use potatoes from now on.


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