First day on Alma Nissens drinking cure

Today was the first day of my four weeks with Alma Nissen’s drinking cure.

I weighed myself in the morning before I started, and can tell you as much as that there is room for improvement.

Then I drank a large glass of water with the juice of one lemon before I prepared my first batch of soup.

I used one whole celery with top, four large carrots, three parsnips, three parsley roots, two large red beets and three liters of water, washed and peeled all the vegetables and cut them into small pieces and cooked them until they were tender. Then I let all of it cool down before I blended it and finally strained it. I didn’t add any salt.

The original recipe says potatoes and not red beets, but red beets were what I had today, so red beets it was.

I must say that it tasted much better than I’d expected, but even so I did my best, I wasn’t able to drink more than maybe half of the batch today. Maybe one has to get used to drinking that much soup.

I also didn’t eat garlic today, because I have an appointment at my dentist tomorrow.

So far I feel fine and am not hungry, nor do I have any symptoms of withdrawal from coffee, tea and ice cream.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.


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