Experimenting with my health

Over the course of the last 9 days I’ve written about what I see as a threat to life on Earth and to the environment as well as a few possible solutions I can think of to problems like pollution and greedy companies with flawed ethics.

The last problem I want to address is also the one I started with by translating the book by Peter Laursen about Alma Nissen and her work.

I’ve already told you about my mother’s mother who suffered from severe arthritis for the last 15 years of her life, and I’ve told you about my mom, who got arthritis when she was around 50 and got good help from the book about Alma Nissen.

What I didn’t tell you is that my mom later stopped following Alma Nissens cure, returned to a diet consisting mostly of wheat products and got high blood pressure, bone loss and all sorts of infections, just to mention a few.

She fell into the trap of over-medication and was diagnosed with all sorts of diseases even so her health problems very well could have been side effects of all the medication she got.

The last years of her life she was very sick and for the last months she needed attention 24/7.

Two weeks before she died she went to a hospital to be treated for a minor health problem, and when she was released from hospital as cured a week later, she was so drugged, she didn’t recognize me, when I came to see her. The first and last time she seemed to be clear headed and smiled at me, was in the morning of the day she died.

My mom believed that all the medicine would make her better, when in fact it did the opposite, and like far too many others she never really looked at what was in all the pills and potions she had to swallow.

I’ve probably told you already that I’m a translator, and once in a while it happens that I’m asked to translate package inserts for medications, and every time I’m shocked over the side effects mentioned in those inserts. Throbbing headaches, other kinds of pain, muscle weakness, kidney problems, liver problems, heart problems and death are common side effects of most of those medications, and I always wonder, where our sense of perspective went.

Often we can read warnings about the dangers of sunlight or of this vitamin or that mineral in our newspapers, when in fact there have been no cases of death because of those things for as long as anyone can remember. Not one. Zero!

The products of big pharma on the other hand are killing hundreds of thousands every year, and those are cases where the patients take the medicine they got from their own doctor and take it as advised.

What is wrong with this picture?

The way I see it, we have to avoid to get started on medications to begin with, and the way to do that is to eat what we’re intended to eat and not the kinds of crappy pseudo food most of us eat.

Depending on what is going on in my life, I myself am guilty of eating the wrong foods – too much bread, too few vegetables, too little fish, too much ice cream, a bottle of beer now and then.

Translating the book about Alma Nissen made me think of the stupid risks I’m taking by not taking good enough care of myself. I’m blessed with an exceptionally good health, but is being lazy really worth it, when I risk ending up like my mom and my grandma?

I don’t think so, and that’s why I’ve decided to change what I eat and for a starter do Alma Nissen’s drinking cure for 4 weeks – with garlic and gallstone flush and everything – to get rid of every inflammation I might have and also shed some of the extra pounds I’ve gained over the years.

I’ll start tomorrow and tell you what and how I’m doing here on my blog.


4 thoughts on “Experimenting with my health

  1. Do you have the actual diet on your blog somewhere? Or are you documenting it as each day goes by for you. I’m very interested in this for someone in my life who needs some health help.

    • Yes, I do, but you can get it here as well. It’s actually very simple. Take about 2 pounds of potatoes, a few carrots, some parsnips, some parsley roots, a little celdery if you like (you can use some of the celdery leaves as well) and 2 liters of water. I just clean the potatoes and peel the root vegetables, cut it all into bite sized pieces and cook them till they are tender. The originale recipe is not very specific about salt or no salt, so I add a couple of organic bouillon cubes to give the soup some taste. You can blend the soup and drink it or eat it as it is. This whole portion is for one person for one day.
      The other part of the diet is garlic, and lots of it: 10 raw garlic cloves 3 times a day together with apple slices and linseeds.
      The soup is for cleansing the body and the garlic is to heal any inflammation that might be in the body. The apple and linseeds have to be taken together with the garlic, because raw garlic is hard on the mucus membranes of the mouth.
      These are the only foods one is upposed to eat for as long as necessary to get rid of what ever is wrong with the body.

      • Well thanks so much for typing all that out for me, I appreciate that. Doesn’t the raw garlic give heartburn though? Could maybe it be steamed a little?

  2. No, garlic doesn’t give heartburn. It’s sugar and other carbohydrates that’s giving heartburn.If you steam the garlic, you loose what you’re eating it for. The garlic has to be raw.

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