What can we do about it?

So what can we do about those seemingly normal, harmless and necessary things like chemicals in our food, water and air; overmedication of patients and super bacteria that are a huge threat to us and the world? Is it possible at all to turn around and create healthy environments for us and our children? Isn’t it too late already?

Well, I think that the full impact of the pollution we’re causing today will hit our grandchildren and great grandchildren and later generations and that it will take millions of years to get rid of all the chemicals we are spreading around today, but if we want the best for our future generations we really do have to stop doing all the wrong things and start thinking.

Maybe you and I alone cannot save the whole world, but we can make better choices for ourselves and our families.

We can start by buying local produce and preferably organic and grass fed whenever possible in health shops and at farmers markets.

We can learn to cook our meals from scratch and teach our children to do the same.

We can opt for cleaning detergents without chemicals.

We can leave our weeds as they are or pull them out manually instead of using round-up.

We can start reading food labels before we buy something.

We can also start only to buy things without food labels, like a whole head of cabbage, whole potatoes, a whole wild caught salmon, a whole lamb’s leg. That way we can make sure that nothing we don’t want is added to our food.

We can turn out the light when nobody is in the room and turn off things like televisions, radios and computers when we don’t use them instead of letting it go on standby.

Next time we have to replace our fridge or freezer, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher or other kinds of machinery, we can opt for the one that uses least power and/or water.

We can replace our light bulbs with energy saving ones or LED’s little by little.

We can collect rain water and use it in our gardens in dry periods instead of using ground water.

We can choose to replace a part of our lawn with a vegetable garden where we don’t use chemicals at all.

We can choose to walk or go by bike on short distances instead of taking the car.

We can choose to go by bus, train, metro or other kinds of public traffic instead of taking the car whenever possible.

We can buy our body care products and makeup at a health shop or on the internet, or maybe we even can make most of it ourselves.

We can bake our own bread and cookies from good organic produce.

We can vote with our wallets and choose not to buy from companies with flawed ethics and from those who buy from those companies.

There really are many things we can do to tread lighter and leave a smaller footprint behind us, many more than I can think of right now.

The most important thing is to start doing something, anything, and let it grow from there.

Let us learn about the consequences of the things we do and teach each other and especially our children how to do things right.

Nowadays we do not only have a big problem, we also have a huge opportunity. We have the internet and are able to spread information around the world. Imagine how far we could reach if each of you, who are reading this post, would forward the information to your own readers, and they to theirs and so on? We could reach the whole world in no time, and then we could really get things done.

We could for instance tell the whole world about the director of Nestle, who thinks that access to fresh drinking-water should not be a human right, and we could ask people not to buy Nestle products any more. But that’s a whole different story.


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