When is it enough?

If you’ve read my latest 6 posts on this blog, you’ll know that I see quite a grim future for us and the world if we don’t come to our senses soon and stop this madness.

We’ve polluted the oceans, the land, the ground water, the air and ourselves.

We’ve almost used all the fossil fuel there was, we have nuclear waste under the ground and we have an island of plastic the size of a country floating around in our oceans. We’ve also dumped so much toxic waste in our oceans that it’s no longer safe to eat larger fish more than twice or three times a week.

Who do we expect will come and clean this up?

Now we’re grasping at straws, fracking oil sands and ruining the rest of our nature.

We give away our power to greedy banks and chemical industries and politicians who don’t give a damn about us and can’t be trusted.

When is it enough?


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