More about chemicals

Once you start thinking about all the chemicals in our surroundings it’s hard to stop again. Look for instance at the stuff we use to clean our houses. In reality we don’t know what all those cleaners are made of, and whether or not they are dangerous to our health, but a good rule of thumb is that the more a manufacturer tries to disguise a cleaners smell with an (artificial, chemical) perfume smell, the more nasty the stuff is.

We are very far from olden day’s use of soda, lime, vinegar and brown soap, which by the way are excellent cleaning agents and all that’s needed to keep a house clean. But of course there is not a lot of money to be made from those things. On chemicals on the other hand there is.

Think about it. Since WW2 the use of chemicals has exploded. Today they are everywhere: in drinks, food, candy, chips; in air fresheners; in cleaning agents; in clothes; in furniture; in cars, trains, planes, boats; in war fare (companies like Monsanto and Dow Chemical Company produced wonderful things like Agent Orange and DDT, and they still keep on poisoning the world and making big money by doing so).

Our babies have lots of chemicals in their bodies when they are born. They are fed chemical laden foods, and many of them get diagnosed with things like ADHD and OCD, or they develop diabetes, and the only answer we have to that today, is giving those children more chemicals in the form of medicine. FOR LIFE!

I remember a time when most people lived their lives, grew old and died. Today they develop diseases during their life time, get really sick and spend all the money they’ve ever saved before they die.

President Nixon declared the War on Cancer in 1971. Since then billions have been spend to find a cure, but today even more people die from the disease. Could it be because the only place we look for a cure is in labs? Could it be that cancer – just like all the other diseases – is not due to a lack of chemicals?

Okay, I know that this starts to sound like a kind of conspiracy theory, but the best thing I can say about the development is that there are a few people who make a lot of money and a lot of people who suffer unreasonably.

To be continued …

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