Also the rest of the beauty industry has a lot to answer for

Together we spend billions every year to look different, younger, better.

Unfortunately the biggest part of products from baby wipes and tooth paste over lotions and deodorants, shampoos and hair colors, foundation, mascara, lipstick and rouge and hundreds of other products till perfume, contain lots and lots of chemicals, heavy metals and even ridiculous ingredients like formaldehyde. What are they doing there?

Not that many years ago we were told that what we put on our skin doesn’t impact us, and that our skin wasn’t able to absorb anything from the produce we slathered ourselves into.

Today we know that that’s not true. Our skin absorbs everything we put on it. How else would nicotine patches work? Or patches with morphine?

Unknowingly each of us gets in contact with hundreds of chemicals through beauty products every day, and those chemicals enter our bodies, and who knows what damage they can do inside us?

Human beings have never before had to deal with this many chemicals in our environment and in our bodies. What will they do to us over time?

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