In defense of the sun

During the industrial revolution in England land in the big cities was expensive and therefore houses for the poor were built on small pieces of land along very narrow alleys, where the sun never reached the ground. As a result the children of the poor people barely ever saw sunlight, and many of them got very weak bones and crooked legs and spines, because they had no vitamin D in their system.

Today we know without the shadow of a doubt that we humans need vitamin D, and especially D3, for our bodies to function properly and stay healthy, and if we don’t get enough of it, we risk getting serious health problems  and diseases like all sorts of cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, MS, you name it.

But even so we know all that (or at least some of us know it), the beauty industry and their parrots in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and on the internet tell us to stay out of the sun, because it supposedly gives us skin cancer and ages our skin prematurely.

Well, the way I see it, it’s plain stupidity. We human beings developed under the sun. Way back, before we all started sitting behind computers in small cubicles, we were outside in the sun all day long. If the sun had been such a huge problem as they tell us, we would not have been here today, it’s that simple.

Of course we have to be careful when we start going out while our skin isn’t used to the sun, but the problem is not the sun, it’s the way we use it. It’s no use to get burned to a crisp on our first day of vacation. We have to build up our resistance to the sun little by little by letting the sun shine on our bare skin for ten minutes, 20 minutes, half an hour, an hour and so on. Give your skin some time in the sun and then use various layers of clothes and maybe a hat to cover yourself up the rest of the day. The only time I accept the necessity of a sun blocker is when you go to the mountains, the desert, the beach or on a boat. In such cases I recommend you go to a health store first and buy an organic product with a physical blocker that stays on the outside of your skin and doesn’t enter your blood stream.

Not going out in the sun is not an option if you want to stay healthy, and using sun blockers can be a disaster. Sun blockers are a multibillion dollars industry, but did you know that many of the ingredients commonly used in sun blockers are carcinogenic? Especially when they are used in sunlight? Just imagine!


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