They’re all lying to us!

Continued from yesterday

There are however lots of people who feel compelled to talk a lot about the little they know and to jump to conclusions and tell the rest of us how we should live and what we should eat. And on the internet it’s even worse.

Over the years I’ve come across many bits of absolutely ridiculous ‘information’, written by someone who obviously has no clue about the subject but knows that there are millions to be earned in the diet industry.

The way I see it we’re many, who are getting bigger and sicker even so we’re following the rules, use all our will power and huge amounts of money, while the bestselling health and weight loss gurus laugh all the way to the bank.

But it’s not only the gurus who make big bucks on our misery. There are also the governments who misguide us with their food pyramids, which everybody who knows only a little bit about health, will tell you are totally wrong and are just aiming to make us good consumers of products that are bad for us.

And then there are of course all the manufacturers of food-like products, who mislead us on purpose by making us believe that their foods are good for us. By for instance writing on their package of crackers that they are cholesterol free (crackers are made from grain, which I happen to think is very unhealthy, but it doesn’t contain cholesterol, because cholesterol can only be produced in the liver of living animals), or by writing ‘sugar free’ on their products and instead giving us a shit load (pardon my French) of chemicals, of which we don’t know the consequences yet, or by writing ‘fat free’ and replacing all the fat with sugar.

There’s no limit to what manufacturers will do to make us buy their products, and unfortunately their tricks work, and we buy all their crap.

It’s interesting to see that while we’re buying in to all of this and are getting fatter and sicker, the beauty industry is telling us another kind of lie that we all can look like Ken and Barbie or Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt if only we use their products, but nobody looks like Ken and Barbie, and not even Angelina and Brad look like Angelina and Brad in real life. Their photo-shopped!

To be continued …


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