After translating Alma Nissen

Now I’ve finished the translation of the book about Alma Nissen, I’ve thought about where to go next, and decided to keep on writing about health for a while.

As I’ve told you earlier, I’ve read cookbooks since I was a little girl, and for the last 30 years or so I’ve mostly turned to buying and reading diet books. I’ve also followed some of those diets.

In the beginning I followed each of them for a while with more or less success, either till I reached a plateau I couldn’t get past or till the diet became too hard to follow or till I felt sick.

After a while I stopped following every diet I found, but I still bought the books and read them, and I still do. This year alone I’ve bought and read at least 10 new diet books.

The thing is that new diet books show up in our book stores at an ever increasing speed, but unfortunately most of them add little to nothing to our knowledge about what makes us fat and sick.

If you go to a news stand and look at newspapers and magazines or you go to a book store, you’ll find lots and lots of diets that promise you the figure and size you’ve always wanted. Some of them are written by people who are hoping to make a name of themselves, and others are written by people who have a name already and hope to make some money out of it. And even if the author has the very best intentions and only wants to help, chances are that he or she doesn’t have all the information needed to make a positive impact.

What I’m getting at here is that even so we can read about new discoveries all the time and even so we are given the impression that there is a lot of research going on, what we really need is more research, because most of what we read about is research paid for by companies who have an interest in the outcome of it.

Those companies can pick and choose what part of their research gets published, and the very most of the journalists who give us the sensational parts of the research are laymen and not able to read the research papers in depth.

That’s why we get all the alarming news about – ‘oh my God, don’t eat saturated fat’, or ‘stay away from salt’, or ‘why your cholesterol is killing you’, when all of it is no the truth by far.

I’m a sucker for articles about health, and if there is anything I’ve learned over the last decades, it must be that I don’t know nearly enough to speak about and act on health with certainty.

There are however …

To be continued …



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