I never want to take another pill – Page 67

– For your bilateral pneumonia we’ll now give you penicillin, the chief physician at the hospital said.

– I don’t want that! I replied.  I’ll never have just one more pill!

– Then what do you want? The physician asked amazed.

– I want garlic and apples, I replied.

I ate 10 cloves of garlic in the morning, 10 at midday and 10 at night.

It was in winter with 25 degrees Celsius of frost, but I slept with the window open.

At four in the morning I lay on my knees in the bathtub and showered my sick body with ice-cold water.

That was, what I wanted and what my body needed!

When the staff came in the morning, there was no one who could see what I had done at night.

The night was my own.

It turned out that after three days mi bilateral pneumonia was gone and I was healthy.

I got another X-ray and everything was in order.

Later I was in the same hospital to conduct a clinical trial of my arthritis cure under scientific control.

Again, all the patients who followed my cure got well, and those who ran away to spritbolaget (In Sweden the only place you can buy alcohol is at spritbolaget,  government controlled shops, where alcohol is very expensive and restricted) or to patisseries, or who went home and emptied the fridge … well, they didn’t get anywhere.

That’s again proof that patients must be absolutely disciplined and motivated to do what they have to. It’s necessary to get a good result.

Page 67

To be continued…

This page is part of an ongoing translation of the Danish Book: Gigtens gåde er løst (the mystery of arthritis is solved) by Peter Laursen. The book was published in 1989 by the Danish publishing house Hellas, and tells the story of Alma Nissen, who for more than 30 years cured thousands of patients for amongst other things arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, pneumonia, herpes, gallstones and migraines with something as simple as potato soup and garlic, mild exercise, enough sleep and a lot of common sense. Through all those years Alma fought to make doctors put away their prescription pads and realize that drugs against arthritis are worse than the disease itself. The book – Gigtens gåde er løst –   tells Alma Nissens story in her own words and gives us the solution, so we can help ourselves, when the medical establishment refuses to.

I think that this is one of those few books that really can have a huge impact on the life and health of the reader, and that’s why I translate it into English, so more people can get access to Alma Nissens wisdom.




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