The gallstone cure – surgery without a knife – page 63

I have a rule that I will not experiment with other people before I myself know how the treatment feels. That’s why I became my own first gallstone patient.

Earlier I used to be very fond of eggs, and an egg yolk contains a lot of cholesterol. Therefore I was aware that I eventually had accumulated quite a lot of gallstones, which meant that I was an excellent gallstone patient.

I started the treatment…

First I ate a slice of an orange.

Afterwards I drank from the glass that was ¾ full of cold-pressed oil.

It was easy because I had a pleasant orange taste in my mouth. I drank the rest of the oil from the glass, and then I sucked the juice from the orange slices that still had their peel on.

I was extremely curious to see what would happen.

I was like Columbus, who went out on the ocean …

I knew nothing.

What would happen?

The first morning nothing happened.

After an enema I sifted the content.

The result: no gallstones!

But I didn’t give up

The next morning I repeated the process. And out came 328 gallstones!

I was so happy.

I immediately called a photographer.

It was communion Sunday.

– I can’t be there before seven o’clock, he said.

He thought that he had to perpetuate the guests at a communion.

Page 63

To be continued…

This page is part of an ongoing translation of the Danish Book: Gigtens gåde er løst (the mystery of arthritis is solved) by Peter Laursen. The book was published in 1989 by the Danish publishing house Hellas, and tells the story of Alma Nissen, who for more than 30 years cured thousands of patients for amongst other things arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, pneumonia, herpes, gallstones and migraines with something as simple as potato soup and garlic, mild exercise, enough sleep and a lot of common sense. Through all those years Alma fought to make doctors put away their prescription pads and realize that drugs against arthritis are worse than the disease itself. The book – Gigtens gåde er løst –   tells Alma Nissens story in her own words and gives us the solution, so we can help ourselves, when the medical establishment refuses to.

I think that this is one of those few books that really can have a huge impact on the life and health of the reader, and that’s why I translate it into English, so more people can get access to Alma Nissens wisdom.




4 thoughts on “The gallstone cure – surgery without a knife – page 63

  1. i too have tons of gallstones , i’ve tried 1 cup of EVOO with freshly squeezed lime juice no sugar or salt added and waited and nothing happened . I’ve been in and out of the hospital for the past two weeks now as my pains have gotten way worst, i’m due for a surgery next tuesday … yikes! will try your method after i’ve healed to see if it will remove the ones stuck in my common bile duct that the doctor said he can’t remove .

    • Hi, the way Alma Nissen did this was to do her drinking cure first for a couple of days and then in the morning of the third day to drink the oil before she got anything else, then go on keep drinking those 3 liters of her potato water that day and also the day after and then start the fifth day with a glass of oil like the third day and then continue with the potato water. She also gave herself an enema in the morning every day. I think it’s certainly worth trying. Good luck!

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