I will never give up – page 55

Billedtekst til ark 55 (1)

The patients who want to can get reflexology treatment by Alma Nissen. She has also achieved good results in that area.

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A part of Alma Nissens day is spent at the office. Every day there are letters to be answered, and often the letters come from fare away countries.

– It seems like the distress of illness is equally large everywhere, Alma Nissen says.

Page 54


I’ve fought for this for 30 years.

I’ve been on my knees for clinic managers.

I’ve offered my services for free under anonymity.

I want no power, glory or money.

I only want to help!

Today I’m 85 years old and work full force, and I have to say that I am more determined to fight for this cause than ever before.

I’ll NEVER give up!

I’ll work in the service of humanity with all my heart and with my full force for as long as I live!

And there are indeed enough tasks to address.

All patients who come here are cases where medical science failed.

There are psoriasis patients who are one open wound from top till toe. Some of them have been sick for up to 20 years, and no one has been able really to help them.

Their nervous system is destroyed.

Their lives have been hell because of the disease, psoriasis.

For example they never show themselves at the beach.

And what impact do you think it has on a marriage that the partner is full of wounds from top to bottom?

It is easy to understand that it’s painful, and that the blood runs from the cracks the patient got in his skin.

I’ve never had a patient with psoriasis here, who didn’t heal completely.

I can prove it, because I’ve taken pictures of the patients when they arrived and again when they left.

Page 55

To be continued …

This page is part of an ongoing translation of the Danish Book: Gigtens gåde er løst (the mystery of arthritis is solved) by Peter Laursen. The book was published in 1989 by the Danish publishing house Hellas, and tells the story of Alma Nissen, who for more than 30 years cured thousands of patients for amongst other things arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, pneumonia, herpes, gallstones and migraines with something as simple as potato soup and garlic, mild exercise, enough sleep and a lot of common sense. Through all those years Alma fought to make doctors put away their prescription pads and realize that drugs against arthritis are worse than the disease itself. The book – Gigtens gåde er løst –   tells Alma Nissens story in her own words and gives us the solution, so we can help ourselves, when the medical establishment refuses to.

I think that this is one of those few books that really can have a huge impact on the life and health of the reader, and that’s why I translate it into English, so more people can get access to Alma Nissens wisdom.




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