What are you up to? – Page 41

In Norway I met a famous and very good journalist, who for 24 years had worked at the newspaper Dagbladet in Oslo.

I told her that I wanted to meet an honest doctor, who had the possibility to do a clinical arthritis trial under scientific control.

The journalist introduced me to a physician at the rheumatological hospital in Oslo.

He had 250 patients.

The physician agreed to meet us and we visited him the next day.

When we arrived at his office, he sat behind a big desk with a prescription pad in front of him.

He didn’t get up, nor did he offer us a chair.

We had to find out of that ourselves.

– What is it you’re up to? He asked brusquely.

– That I can very quickly tell you, I replied.

– I want you to do a clinical trial with those of your patients who didn’t get well.

Then I will show you, how the patients can be cured. And I’ll work for free and anonymous.

When I’d said that I thought he was going to have a stroke. He was furious!

He slammed his big hands onto the desk so hard he made everything on it dance.

Are you crazy? He exclaimed.

That has never been proven, I replied.

Page 41

To be continued.



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