The nervous system and the ability to work – page 40

When our cells are rebuild from the right biological material, we see, how the human nervous system can stand everything. How the ability to work is increased. How life becomes more harmonious. How the grass gets greener, the sky bluer end everything becomes a radiant joy!

That’s how it can be for humans and that’s how it was for the third group of rats.

The rats were fed biodynamic grown vegetables. They got fresh water without chlorine. They got light, air and exercise, like all living beings should have. The results were brilliant.

The rats gave birth to lots of viable offspring. They lived in peace and harmony.

That’s how I want everyone to live.

It was a great experience for me to meet this great scientist, Sir Robert Mc Carrison, who was kind and gracious to me. I came without anything. I introduced myself as the person I was and I told him about my way to treat arthritis.

When Sir Robert Mc Carrison had listened to my story, he exclaimed:

– Madam, you really got the point!

Later I was allowed to translate his book. It was called: ”Nutrition is the foundation of our health”.

As I said earlier, that was in 1949.

I traveled back to Denmark full of enthusiasm and courage, but soon I realized that there was no way I could get to work with what I felt was so important.

That’s why I traveled to Norway.

Page 40

To be continued…


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