The medicine is worse than the disease


Fresh air and exercise is part of Alma Nissens health program. In the picture above the gymnastics team at Brandal is led by Pia Gahns, while Maggie Wärenstam, seated in the rowing machine (beneath) is under the command of Alma Nissen.



About Alma Nissen Maggie Wärenstam says: – She is unique. She sees the whole person. I wish there were more of her type. If that was the case, I believe that health homes would deliver even better results than they do today.

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The medicine is worse than the disease

When we are children we grow in height. Unfortunately it is often a fact that as soon as many have reached the age of 20, they begin to grow in width.

Being overweight is also a disease.

There is no knee or joint that benefits from being overloaded by a lot of fat.

Therefor we should eat a diet low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals.

We also need adequate exercise.

We are not supposed just to sit in front of the television. We are not supposed to only to walk from our bed to a chair at the breakfast table and sit and fill ourselves with white bread, butter and marmalade and drink coffee.

It’s because of this wrong way of life that the hospitals are filled up!

And now I want to turn to another sad fact, and that is: When we, due to an improper lifestyle, experience an outbreak of something like arthritis, there is a preparation the doctors often use against the disease.

It is cortisone.

I must make it clear:

Cortisone with all its dangerous side effects is worse than the disease.

Already in 1949, when I became aware of how patients were treated with dangerous preparations, I traveled to England to see how things were going over there.

I went to see the world famous scientist Sir Robert Mc. Carrison, who had been the director of the Hygiene Institute in India, when the country was ruled by the British.

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To be continued …


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