Cannibalism – almost like in the civilized world – pages 38 and 39


Among Alma Nissens patients there are also children. Just like the adults they get a cleansing through a liquid diet and afterwards a vegetarian diet. In the picture beneath Alma Nissen examines the medicine patients have put down after they started her cure.


– The medicine often only suppresses the symptoms and has side effects that are worse than the disease itself, says Alma Nissen.

Caption page 38


Cannibalism – almost like in the civilized world

Sir Robert Mc Carrison received me very kindly.

At that time he was a professor at Oxford University and he invited me to his home, where I was his guest for three days.

In those three days we went through all the research he had done in India.

Amongst other things he had done a feeding study in rats.

It was very exciting.

He had divided the rats into three groups.

The first group of rats ate the same kind of food as the English upper class. And all these rats got the diseases of the English upper class.

The next group of rats was served food similar to what the poor factory workers ate: tea with sugar, cheap meat and white bread.

These rats got all the diseases that could possibly hit them. They got eczema and nervous disorders, and there were fights and spectacle in the cages.

They fought and hurt each other, and the female rats got stillborn pups.

Finally the rats ate each other.

They became cannibals, almost as in the civilized world.

It was indeed a striking proof of how it goes when you live the wrong way and eat the wrong food.

The professor’s third group of rats was fed the diet I favor.  A natural diet that gives you everything you need to build up the cells.

Our cells break down and have to be rebuilt, but not just with any material.

It has to be the right biological material.

Page 39

To be continued …


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