A tea that cleanses the kidneys – Page 34

We have a tea which is excellent for cleansing the kidneys.

It consists of equal parts of birch leaves, horsetail, crushed juniper and chamomile. The herbs should be dried first. Then we mix them.

Of this mixture you take one tablespoon for a liter of water.

Let it boil for a few minutes and then strain it.

You can drink a liter of this tea a day, and as I said, it cleanses the kidneys. For people who have problems urinating, this tea can be a great help.

Now we’ve reached dinner.

Since we need a low-calorie but vitamin and mineral rich diet, dinner consists of a soup made from vegetables – potatoes, carrots and onions.

First we remove the soup from the heat, and then we add freshly washed and freshly chopped nettles to it. The nettles are not supposed to boil.

With this soup you can eat a piece of bread – a bread baked from whole meal.

After you’ve eaten this lovely food you feel really well. It’s very interesting that the more you eat this diet, the more you long for it every day.

In winter we usually eat some porridge, and with the porridge we drink sesame milk.

Sesame milk consists of a coffee cup sesame seeds and two teacups of water pr. person. This mixture of water and sesame seeds is blended, till the seeds are completely crushed. Then we add a banana to give the sesame milk a pleasant texture.

The porridge can be rice porridge, millet porridge or buckwheat porridge. If we think the porridge should have a nicer taste, we add some raisins or some chopped nuts.

Page 34

To be continued …


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