Sprouted seeds with vitamin B – pages 32 and 33


Alma Nissen’s faithful helper Anni Jacobsen, (top left) creates one tasty vegetarian meal after the other in the kitchen at Brandal – to the delight of the patients who have undergone Alma Nissen’s drinking cure (top right).

After dinner Alma Nissen every day gives a lecture on current disease and health issues (bottom).

Caption page 32


We eat sprouted seeds such as mung beans, lentils and fenugreek seeds.

First we let the seeds soak in water over night.

The bad seeds, which do not germinate and most often can be easily found because they are dark and hard, get sorted out.

Then we germinate the seeds in a glass with gauze over.

We wash the seeds two till three times a day for three days.

The seeds have to stay in a warm place while they germinate, and after that they can be kept in a refrigerator.

The reason why we are particularly fond of sprouted seeds is that they are rich in vitamin B.

Fenugreek for instance has long been recommended as a standard strength and healing agent and has a positive effect on inflammations as well.

Alfalfa is used as a tonic, particularly by those who lack minerals.

We rinse the alfalfa thoroughly and place it in a glass with a net over for one night.

After that it has to stand in a warm place for two till three days and get rinsed two till three times a day.

In the afternoon we drink tea at Brandal Helsehjem.

This applies to both the patients who are still engaged in the fast and to the patients who have finished the fast already – drinking cure we call it.

In general one can say that we benefit from the herbal tea in more than one way, because when we collect the herbs, we get exercise and fresh air – and we are grateful for the nature.

That is an important addition to the tea …

We have different herbal teas to choose from.

It can be peppermint or it can be chamomile tea.  We also drink tea brewed on dry leaves, for example from black currant bushes.

To be continued …

Page 33



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