Fruit, vegetables and porridge – Pages 30 and 31


Caption: Brandal Helsehjem has a small but good organic vegetable garden, where Pia Gahns amongst other things picks green salad (picture to the left). In the upper picture Alma Nissen reaches out for more garlic while Mizzi Hempel watches her. – I’ve always had a weak constitution – Mizzi Hempel says. – Had I not met Alma Nissen 30 years ago, I would have been dead by now. She has saved me and given me my life back!

Page 30


Alma Nissen continues:

To feel well we should every day eat:

a fruit meal,

a vegetable meal

a porridge meal.

It’s important that the food we eat is predominantly alkaline. We can measure whether we get enough alkaline food with a urine sample and some indicator paper.

80 percent of the food we eat should be alkaline and 20 percent acid-forming.

We must also make sure to eat a diet high in fiber to stimulate the peristaltic of the bowel. And at the same time we must make sure to get the substances that can build cells, all together through a high-fiber, raw vegetarian diet.

Every day we eat the green leaf.

I think the green leaf is very important, because its components are helping to build red blood cells.

We get plenty of nettle soup.  The salad we eat is also with nettles and maybe sorrel.

Our salad dressing consists of a little oil, the juice of half a lemon, herb salt, 1-3 cloves of garlic pressed in a garlic press, plus some herbs to taste.

The main meal is lunch, and we are constantly trying to vary the raw meal.

We serve raw, grated carrots, beets, chopped onion, chopped parsley, finely sliced leek, boiled or baked potatoes, tomato or cucumber.

Page 31

To be continued …


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