The meals at Brandal – Pages 28 and 29

29  Caption page 28: Alma Nissen working in the kitchen: – We blend our breakfast. First we take a coffee cup full of sesame seeds with shells and blend it with water …


But now we’ve started talking about food already, maybe I should tell more about the meals we serve for our patients who’ve already been through the drinking cure I described before.

Breakfast here at Brandal Helsehjem is very simple.

Modern people apparently don’t have time to eat. They put something in their mouth and turn it around a few times and that’s it. Or at least that’s what they think.

We’ve gotten 32 teeth because we’re supposed to use them. And every tooth should have its chance. This means that we need to chew every bite of our food 32 times.

It’s difficult to make people chew their food that carefully.

That’s why we’ve bought a blender.

We blend the breakfast.

First we take a coffee cup of sesame seeds with shells and blend it with water.

When the sesame seeds are completely crushed, we add a banana, a cored apple and an orange without the peel and kernels into the blender.

Soon we have a complete, highly digestible and very tasty breakfast. If it needs to be sweeter we add raisins.

On top of this breakfast you can add a little bran, if you have trouble with your digestion, and you can sprinkle it with a little ground flaxseed.

Many people like to sprinkle some chopped nuts and wheat germ on this fruit mix.

It’s a very filling breakfast, and it’s a whole meal that suits small children who’ve got their first tooth, but it’s also good for older people who have difficulty chewing.

In short: it’s a breakfast for everyone.

To be continued …

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