How to rescue a theatrical performance – Page 27

You can also get the recipe for how the director of a theatre can save a performance.

When the leading lady, who has to sing a big aria, is hoarse, there is no show.

It’s the nightmare of every theater director.

As soon as you get a fever or a cold, you can save the situation by squeezing garlic into a soup or warm milk with honey and drink this garlic soup or garlic milk.

– How much garlic should you use?

That depends, but 6-8 cloves of garlic. When there is as much at stake as a play, you have to grit your teeth and do what you can.

– How fast does it work?

It works spontaneously. It won’t be long before the fever goes down.

It’s important to use raw garlic. Obviously! One should not treat the real thing with heat.

All in all one should avoid treating vegetarian food with heat, because the moment you heat your food you kill the vital growth cells in it.

I have a theorem that says: The best way to fry food is – not to fry it at all.

And I think it’s true. One should of course not be fanatic though.

Here at Brandal we believe in living vegetarian food.

It gives rosy cheeks, bright eyes and it makes you want to dance and have a good time.


To be continued …




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