This is how I treat leg ulcers with garlic – Page 26

As I mentioned earlier nature’s penicillin has many uses.

We’ve used it to treat: bladder infections; prostate and ovarian infections and sinusitis; infections of the maxillary sinus, frontal sinusitis and infections of the ears.

Yes, in our experience all infections in closed spaces can be treated with garlic.

When I use garlic for leg ulcers, they heal quickly. The process is also very simple: I take a vial with a screw cap, and will one third of it with crushed garlic and two thirds with cold-pressed oil. It can be cooking oil or olive oil.

Then I screw the lid on the jar and shake it.

I use the content of the glass to moisten the compress which is applied to the wound.

I do this to get rid of the staphylococci, because these prevent the formation of new skin cells.

The moment I put the compress with garlic and oil on the skin, the cell growths of the staphylococci stops. Then the skin cells get their big break and the wound heals from the edges and in.

It sounds incredible, but it’s a fact.

During the 30 years I’ve been her on Brandal Helsehjem, I’ve been eating garlic every day.

I’ve never had a cold, sore throat or any kind of infection and garlic is one of the reasons for my good health.

Page 26

To be continued …



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