Treatment for leg ulcers, gangrene and arthritis in children – Page 25

When I use a mixture of garlic and oil on leg ulcers, they heal very fast, Alma Nissen says. In the picture to the left she treats an older patient.

20140719 - Side 25

The picture to the right shows Alma Nissen and 6 years old Mette Jensen, who is proof that Alma Nissens treatment also works for children.

– We are convinced that Alma Nissen saved Mette from becoming an invalid, farmer Hans Østergaard Jensen from Samsø in Denmark says.

– Mette got arthritis, when she was only 4½ years old. She got four large pills containing aspirin and codeine for the pain every day. If she had kept taking them, the pills would have damaged her kidneys. We can’t imagine what Mette would have been like today, if she hadn’t met Alma Nissen and started her cure.

– Now, two years later Mette is well, even so she still has some problems walking. But her health has changed drastically. And the most important part of it is that she doesn’t feel pain.

We have seen patients with gangrene get cured by Alma Nissen. We have seen patients with arthritis get so much better. It’s time for the doctors to realize and take Alma Nissen’s cure seriously! Says farmer Hans Østergaard Jensen.

To be continued …

Page 25



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