Garlic for all infections – Page 24

The fact that garlic also helps you get a whole train compartment for yourself is something you have to see from the bright side.

Unfortunately it takes some time for people to get used to the smell of garlic.

The problem is solved when everybody eats garlic.

– How can it be that garlic – as you say – is nature’s penicillin? What does it contain?

Here at Brandal it has shown that garlic contains positive elements, which make it suitable for all infections. Amongst other things garlic contains silicic acid, iodine and sulfur-containing essential oil. It is one of the best natural remedies we have. Many hundred years of use have shown it.

Garlic has many positive features. It gives you more appetite and is good for your congestion and it also kills bacteria.

I have seen swollen fingers get well because of garlic.

I have seen osteomyelitis, which attacks bones, get cured within 14 days. Amongst others a doctor who visited Brandal Helsehjem, got cured.

The doctor was supposed to have his finger amputated because of osteomyelitis. We treated the doctor’s finger with garlic and oil, and he was able to avoid the amputation.

To be continued …

Page 24



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