Deeply depressed – Page 18

The doctor wasn’t willing to publicize the results of my treatment.

Nobody was interested in my idea.

I was disappointed and travelled to Alássio in Italy.

I was depressed, and walked through the mountains for half a year and along the Mediterranean.

There I met the well-known nutrition scientist and health pioneer Are Waerland.

We discussed what we could do for the health case. Like I Waerland was disappointed, because the doctors didn’t understand what nutrition meant for peoples health.

One day something happened that would be crucial to my life.

Are Waerland was visited by Conrad Åhlberg. He owned a health home in Sweden and together with Are Waerland he was working for peoples health in Sweden.

Conrad Åhlberg was looking for a substitute for the matron of a health home.

He offered me the job.

I was very much in doubt, but in the end I agreed to take the job.

As soon as I started, the health home was filled with patients, and it was like that during the four months I was there.

When the period of replacement was over and I was to return home, Conrad Åhlberg said:

– You are never allowed to leave Sweden.

We cannot do without you here.

Page 18

To be continued …


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