It takes time – Page 22

It takes time

Patients get this meal three times a day: at eight in the morning, at twelve and at six in the evening. At three in the afternoon we drink herbal tea.

The patients are not allowed to get any other food during the 15 – 30 days of the fast.

The cure helps the patients to get rested, and they are feeling really good.

Patients who suffer from insomnia start feeling relaxed, and like the other patients they start sleeping with open windows, so they get as much oxygen as possible.

Fresh air and exercise are important parts of the cure. Many patients feel better very fast, but patients who’ve been ill for a long time should not expect to feel a real change to the better before they’ve fasted for 2 – 3 months.

To be on the safe side it is wise to stay in contact with a doctor, if a patient follows the cure by him or herself. We are all different and so is our health and we can react differently.

It takes time to get used to the cure.

It also takes time to get used to it when the cure is over after about 30 days.

In both cases it has to be done gradually.

After fasting for 30 days one should start eating again by eating raw food in small portions at each meal and slowly getting used to larger portions.

Patients, who are very sick and poisoned by drugs, can in the beginning of a fast feel reactions like unrest and creeps in their legs.

They can also get headaches and have a tendency to throw up. When we see that, we give the patient 4 large glasses of spring water to drink, so they get a radical cleanse that way also.

Usually the headache and nausea is gone after the patient did throw up.

Page 22

To be continued …


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