This is how we prepare the potato water – Page 20

To begin with we give the patients a shot glass full of lukewarm water with a little spoon full Glauber’s salt.

Glauber’s salt is cleansing and works right away, so the patients have to stay near the toilet on the first day.

After a cleanse we can start the treatment we think is right.

We treat the patients with potatowater.

He or she is going to drink about three liter a day

We call it potato water.

It is a kind of soup made from potatoes and vegetables.

We use 1 kilo organic grown unpeeled potatoes, which we cut into very thin slices.

The potato slices we put in three liters of water together with a leek, an onion, parsley and celery leafs – to give it a nice taste.

Salt is not allowed.

The soup is cooked for an hour, and then it’s strained.

It is important that the soup is basic.

If necessary you can check it with some indicator paper.

At each meal the patient drinks three large cups of this potato water and eats up till ten cloves of garlic together with apple boats. The patient also gets one or two glasses of line seed to avoid the burning sensation of the mucous membranes due to the garlic.

The line seeds are prepared this way: take 1 tea cup full line seed in a bowl and pour boiling water over it. Whip it well.

After a while the line seeds get gelatinous. Leave them overnight and they are ready to drink the next day.

Page 20

To be continued …

NB: I’m on vacation these days /until July 21rst, and I grab an internet connection when I find one, which means that I can come a little behind with my posts and for the time being I am a little slow at reacting to comments, but I will follow up as fast as I can once I’m at home.


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