One day at Brandal Helsehjem – Page 19

Now Conrad Åhlberg put an ad in a newspaper.

H looked for a house which could be used as a health home.

He got a lot of offers.

Amongst others there was this house, Brandal, which was used as a normal boarding house.

I said yes to being the administrator of Brandal.

But it didn’t last long, before Conrad Åhlberg asked me to buy the house from him.

In the end we made a contract. I had to pay the house on long terms with low rente and suitable afdrag.

I did that for 30 years, and not the house is mine.

Togehter with Conrad Åhlberg it was especially Are Waerland and Eskil Svensson, who is now the editor of the Swedish magazine Hälsa (health), who inspired me to stay in Sweden.

I did never regret it. It was a lovely time – with much joy but also with worries.

During the 30 years I’ve been here, it has been very sad to see how patients look, when they arrived at Brandal Helsehjem.

Handicappet, poisoned with medicine and with a broken body and soul.

We welcome them with great patience and warmth.

We only live to give them at happy and meaningful life without disease.

– How is a day at Brandal for a patient?

– A patient, who comes here, is normally very sick. I can read the diagnosis on the medicine they bring with them. It can be medicine for the heart, against low blood pressure or high blood pressure, or the patient can be obese or too thin.

Many patients have congestion, insomnia or are sick in general.

Page 19

To be continued …


NB: I’m on vacation these days /until July 21rst, and I grab an internet connection when I find one, which means that I can come a little behind with my posts and for the time being I am a little slow at reacting to comments, but I will follow up as fast as I can once I’m at home.




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