The specialist in rheumatic diseases gets well – Page 17

Within a short time the specialist in rheumatic diseases was free from pain in his neck. He was totally cured!

– What can I do to thank you? he asked.

– That’s something I’ve decided a long time ago, I answered.

– You have to keep on coming here. And you have to write a journal about my patients and write about the experiment, because this is a clinical trial and should be done under scientific control.

And he did.

He wrote a journal about my patients. And the patients got better and better. The person, who most ill was able to dance polka with me in the end. She was a teacher. When she arrived she’d been so sick, she wasn’t even able to lift her little handbag!

We celebrated the good result.

My friends invited all who had been a part of the experiment to dinner.

And now I asked the doctor, who was a specialist in rheumatic diseases, if he was willing to publicize the result of my treatment.

– I’m sorry, but I can’t, he answered.

– You have to understand that I have to make a carrier …

And so he did.

He is a prominent specialist in rheumatic diseases.

But I would like to ask him, if he ever sees any of his patients get well.

I doubt it very much!

Like other doctors he has given his patients drugs that are obligatory for rheumatic diseases.

I still haven’t seen a single patient who got cured from those drugs.

Page 17

To be continued …



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