No thank you, we’re not interested! – Page 16

I approached Ole Cavling, who by then was the editor of Ekstrabladet (a Danish newspaper), and he did a great effort to get people’s attention.  I also turned to the medical directors of major hospitals and told them how I had overcome my illness. I even told them that I would work for free and anonymous.

But they were absolutely not interested!

That’s when I realized what a hopeless situation it was for my fellow sufferers, the rheumatic patients.

I kept working however.

Amongst other things I gave lectures at Politiken’ house (another Danish newspaper). That way I collected an interested audience including ten rheumatic patients, whom I installed in my apartment, two in each room.

They committed in staying there for two months.

Now I was determined to show that my treatment of arthritis was the right thing.

Amongst the ten patients there was one man, whose head turned to one side.

– Do you think you can help me? He asked.

– Yes, I’m sure I can, I answered.

– What is your line of work? I asked him.

– Well, I’m a specialist in rheumatic diseases, and I work at Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen, he answered.

I told him, that if he could forget that he was a specialist in rheumatic diseases – and that I wasn’t – I was sure that I could cure him.

He only worked half days and every day he came to med around 12 pm. I gave him soda-baths and the same potato water my other patients got.

Page 16

To be continued …



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