Peoples state of health – page 15

10.000 patients at Brandal Helsehjem over the last 30 years

And those patients tell the tales of their suffering

That’s why I really know that I’m talking about!

The work we do here at Brandal Helsehjem is not quackery, because we don’t use medicine or strange treatments.

It’s all about detoxing the patients with fluid food and after that they get organic food.

It means that the patients get better and most of them get absolutely well.

That’s the short of it.

When we look at people’s health today I realize with great sadness that the hospitals are getting bigger and bigger.

It’s almost like there are no really healthy people left.

The ones I feel most sorry for are the children.

They get loaded with candy and have cavages in their teeth even before they start in school.

They are unstable and disharmonic.

But it’s even worse for the grownups.

Crime, alcoholism, diseases and addictions of drugs and medicine are a big thing in many countries – also in Denmark, which I had to leave 30 years ago, because I realized that I would not get any chance to tell and be heard about the things I wanted.

Page 15


To be continued …



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