She got rid of her arthritis – Page 14

This is a letter Peter Laursen received about Brandal Helsehjem and Alma Nissen while he was writing the book:

”When I came to Brandal Helsehjem, I’d almost tried all medicine for my arthritis. It had just gotten worse and worse each day. Now I could barely walk and I had to stop working.

When I met Alma Nissen, a new life began.

”Today is the first day of the rest of your life”, Alma said, and she was right.

After only one week I got better.

Now it’s a year ago, I visited Alma, but I often yearn to return to Brandal, even so I’m fine now and work all day”.

With kind regards

Eva Lindgren

89200 Domsjö,


To be continued …

Page 14




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