Page 13 – Absolutely culpable

When we have to cure a disease, we must first find the cause of illness. It must be removed, and we must support the organism’s own healing process.

The idea is to bring the organism’s defense mechanism in order to enable it to overcome all infection.

We achieve this through proper nutrition.

To give a person drugs with dangerous side effects to suppress a disease as a mandatory treatment is absolutely reprehensible!

Professor of pharmacology at the university of Copenhagen dr.  Knud O. Møller, said in his lectures at the university that it is unscientific to use a drug with dangerous side effects, where the cause of the disease is not known.

So the way rheumatic patients are treated is unscientific.

Again: – I will not hesitate a moment to call the treatment absolutely culpable!

Today is the time where I’m speaking up because now I’ve looked at this unfortunate development for 30 years.

The doctors must realize that one cannot call himself a specialist in a disease and not know how the disease came about.

It is utter nonsense!

We could as well go to a bicycle shop for treatment, when the patient gets medicine that doesn’t help but on the contrary adds a stone to his burden.

Page 13

To be continued …


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