Page 12 – A prescription pad – like a sharp loaded revolver

When I was young, after I’d gotten an education as a child nurse, it happened that I was assisting a doctor in his clinic.

I saw how a waiting room full of patients was emptied by using a prescription pad, as if someone had used a sharp loaded revolver.

The patients were never asked what they ate. They were never asked how they lived there lives.

It was taken for granted that the prescription pad came out after the patients had told about their misery.

And every time the doctor said the words: – Thank you and goodbye. Come back when the medication has run out!

After I’d seen that for a longer time, I was filled with real concern. A prescription pad doesn’t solve any fundamental problems, you know. It’s the diet that’s the foundation of our health!

If we look at our hands we very quickly realize that we’re not equipped with claws like predators. From that we can deduce that we are not designed to eat animal protein.

We are not made to kill our fellow creatures, the animals, and eat their dead bodies.

If we do that we create a scary situation for ourselves.

We invite rot bacteria into our defenseless bodies. Meat is toxic to our bodies. The toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream and flow through all external and internal organs, so our whole organism is disturbed.

Our defense mechanism is not designed to keep pace with this invasion.

That’s the whole problem.

That’s the due cause of the rheumatic diseases!

Page 12


To be continued …



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