Page 11 – A prisoner in my own body

When I went into menopause my health declined.

I suffered from severe arthritis and ended up as a prisoner in my own body.

Every single one of my joints hurt, my jaw was locked and I was unable to take all the 20 pills I was supposed to every day.

I was incredibly sick and poisoned by the medicine and felt like I wasn’t able to think clearly, and the locked jaw meant that I couldn’t eat anything anymore.

All the sudden I remembered what my mother had taught me, when I was a child.

I started drinking a decoction of potatoes and herbs.

When I was hungry, I drank.

I did that for 40 days, and then something fantastic happened.

It was as like my disease melted. Yes, it left my body like ice that’s melting.

The urine acidic calcium salts were neutralized by the basic minerals from the potatoes.

And I am right about it; I’ve seen it thousands of times here at Brandal Helsehjem.

Not only have I seen the practical results; that patients with arthritis can move their joints again and the pain disappears; I also notice positive physiological changes.

That’s why I demand that the doctors start taking this seriously now.

To be continued …


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