Page 10 – My mother healed me

When I was 10 years old, I had an acute attack of gout.

People called it growing pains.

My knees were swollen and red. My hands were completely immobile.

That’s why I’m absolutely convinced that I had arthritis or rheumatism as we also call the disease.

My mother knew that I had to have heat in my body to make the gout leave. She wanted to stimulate the blood circulation. So she wrapped me into sheared wool. She wrapped me like a mummy.

And so of course I started to sweat tremendously.

I had to sweat the toxins out.

At the same time my mom gave me a lot of a decoction of potatoes to drink.

It worked. After I’d been lying for 10 days, the gout attack was over.

At that time I quite instinctively despised meat. Something told me that I had to have food that was raw and fresh.

We had beets, carrots and cabbage, and for all meals I ate raw vegetables. That way I got over the disease.

After that many years passed. I felt something sometimes; my joints creaked, because unfortunately I didn’t only eat raw vegetables anymore.  Sometimes I felt pain, especially when I ate beef, broth or kidney ragout (which pretty much is an extract of uric acid).

I often had a locked shoulder or sore hands.


Page 10


To be continued …


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