Het Makelars Comptoir

Cornelis Springer  ‘t Makelaers Comptoir at the open Nieuwezijds Voorgurgwal painted by Cornelis Springer. The painting was sold at Christies for 211,500 Euros

‘t Makelaers Comptoir was built on the corner of Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal and Nieuwe Nieuwstraat between 1633 and 34 and has been the home of the broker’s guild since then and till today without interruption. It is one of the remaining guild houses in Amsterdam. It has been a state monument since 1970, and in 2002 the building was sold to the historic preservation society Hendrick de Keyser for the symbolic sum of 1 Euro, but there is still staff of ‘t Makelaers Comptoir present in the house. This staff bears the Amsterdam’s coat of arms as a kind of identification.


At the time the house was built it served as a kind of person in between at the sales of real estate and movable goods like coffee, tobacco, grain and other merchandise that was brought to Amsterdam  from all corners of the world.

indgangen  Gable stone over the entrance door

The house was built in Dutch renaissance style, and it was renovated in 1739, 1836, 1937 and 2003 – 2004. During the renovation in 1836 the step gable was replaced by a bell gable, and the façade was painted dark brown, and during the renovation in 1937 the bell gable was turned into a step gable again and the dark brown paint was removed. The house looks today as it did when it first was built, except for the original inscription “Soli Deo Gloria” (Only to the glory of God) which was replaced with “Vrijheid is voor geen geld te koop” (Freedom can’t be bought for money).

seen from the corner  The building as it looks today


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