Amsterdam’s painters – Rembrandt van Rijn, part 1

Rembrandt van Rijn was born in Leiden on July 15th 1606 and died in Amsterdam on October 4th 1669 While Amsterdam’s wealth grew in the 17th century, its cultural activities grew to unprecedented heights. Painters were attracted from far away by the possibility of getting paid well for their work, by the thriving market and […]

Amsterdam’s painters – van der Ast, van Goyen and Saenredam

Balthasar van der Ast was born in Middelburg around 1593 and died in Delft in December 1657. Painted still life with flowers.      Jan van Goyen was born in Leiden on January 13th 1596 and died in Den Haag on April 27th 1656. Painter.     Pieter Jansz Saenredam was born in Assendelft in 1597 […]

Amsterdam’s painters – Hendrick Avercamp

Hendrick Avercamp was born in Amsterdam in 1585 and died in Kampen in 1634. He was a painter, who especially painted winter paintings of ice skaters. Avercamp was the son of a pharmacist and grew up in Kampen. On his mother’s side he was a grandson of Pieter Bruegel the older. Averkamp painted landscapes with […]

Amsterdam’s painters – Pieter Lastman

Pieter Lastman was born inAmsterdam in 1583 and died in Amsterdam on April 4th 1633. He was a painter of the baroque and painted historical paintings.  Triumph of Mordechai Lastman was Rembrandt van Rijn’s and Jan Lievens teacher and Amsterdam’s leading painter in the early 17th century.  Hippocrates and Democritus Lastman traveled to Italy from […]

Amsterdam’s painters – Karel Mander and Frans Hals

Carel or Karel van Mander, was born in Meulebeke in May 1548 and died in Amsterdam on September 11th 1606. He was a painter and writer. Van Mander was a mannerist painter and one of the renaissance painters.   Frans Hals was born in Antwerp around 1583 and died in Haarlem in August 1666. He was […]

Amsterdam’s painters – Cornelis Ketel

Cornelis Ketel was born inGouda on March 18th1548 and died in Amsterdam on August 8th 1616. Cornelis Ketel was a mannerist painter. Ketel was apprenticed to the painter Anthonie van Blokland in Delft from 1634. In 1635 he moved to Paris, but had soon to return to the Netherlands because of the political circumstances. Here, […]

Amsterdam’s Painters – Gillis van Coninxloo

Gillis van Coninxloo, was born in Antwerp in 1544 – died in Amsterdam in 1606, and painted landscapes Van Coninxloo was an apprentice of Pieter Coecke van Aelst de Jonge, Lenaert Kroes and Gillis Mostaert. He was a protestant, and after Antwerp fell in 1585 he felt the need to leave town. He first fled to […]

Pieter Aertsen

Pieter Aertsen aka Lange Pier or Pietro il Lungo, born in Amsterdam around 1508-1509 — died in Amsterdam 1575. Painter Aertsen lived in Antwerpen from approximately 1526 till about 1556. There he painted altar pieces and pictures about peasant’s life. He also painted market scenes and kitchen pieces with realistic depictions of amongst other things fruit, bread […]

Amsterdams painters – Cornelis Anthonieszoon

One of the best known pictures of the very early Amsterdam is made by the painter Cornelis Anthonieszoon, who was born in 1499 and died in 1556. Emperor Charles V had instructed him to paint the town.  Emperor Charles V If you go to visit the Amsterdam Historisch Museum you can see the work in […]

Amsterdam’s brown inns

Another kind of inn is what in the Netherlands is called brown inns.  They come in all sizes and versions. There are large inns which annually sell more than one million beers and others whose clientele are a handful of customers from the neighborhood. Brown inns have a few hallmarks in common: walls and ceilings […]